Letting Go 10

There are so many ways of letting go. We let go of things, ideas, dreams, people….sometimes all of those at once. To me, letting go, mostly has a negative connotation, but, truly, it is often good. Letting can be a sign of growth and better things.



The Miracle of the Oil. 4

At Hanukkah time, we are reminded of some of life’s mysterious miracles. Most of us can add some of our own.

Golden Opportunity 4

How often in life do we get a golden opportunity? Most of us, hopefully, at least once. The big question is…..Did we take it?

A beautiful surprise from Marshal!

Which Road Should I Take? Finding the right direction. 6

Which Road Should I take? Finding your direction How often do we ask that question, both literally and figuratively. It is a common theme, so often written about and discussed. How often do we come to a fork in the road? Whether we are trying to find our way to a restaurant, a store or someone’s [...]

what if

Missed Opportunities 5

Many of us fear of new situations. That fear can cause us to miss opportunities. Have you ever arrived at a place only to turn around and drive away because you didn’t have the guts to go in?

Purple Blooms

Breathe: Stress and how to Deal

One of the main reasons that these things upset us is that we are stressed. Most of us have too much on our plate. We stretch ourselves until there is no bounce back.

I finally did it. I got a real smartphone

I have now joined the ranks of a smart phone owner. No more smart phone wannabe. No more surreptitiously sliding my phone out sideways, praying no-one would get a good look at it while I checked my e mails



Only for a moment

If time could stand still and you could say or do whatever you wanted, what would you say and to whom?