15 comments on “About Me Reinventing Myself

  1. Thank you, Audrey! It sure helps when I have supporters like you in my corner! Weicome to my site!

  2. Thank you, so much, Susan! I am happy to hve you here!I haven’t spent too much time on here lately, but I am hoping to soon!

  3. I am glad that everything is fine with you :-) Sorry for you daughter but sometimes those special times reinforce the family bounds even more :-) Take good care of yourself!

  4. Joelle! Thank you! You are so sweet. I have, actually, been feeling a lot better. Good thing, too, because my daughter brolke her ankle 2 weeks ago and I have been neck deep between caring for her (complete bedrest) caring for my 6 month old grandson and working fulltime. Thank goodness, my son is still at home! While it has breen a trying year healthwise, we have the miracle of our precious little Jace and everything else just melts away! I cannpt tell you how much I appreciate your checking in. I was going to put a post on Facebook but things have just been so hectic! I did get quite a bit done in the house today. Nothing like caring for a baby to remind us how precious time is! I hope you had a great weekend!:)

  5. Hi Randi! Just dropping a few words to make sure you are fine :-) I remembered that you mentioned health problems at one point. On the other hand you might still be quite busy organizing your new place; it’s always a big job!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  6. Maria.I am so happy to have you here! Please keep me informed of your future sites, as well! And….thank you! I hope you know I think you are pretty amazing, too!

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