About Me Reinventing Myself

Reinventing Myself

This is my personal journey with a goal of reinventing myself into a stronger, healthier and better person.


I am a 50+, almost divorced mom. This year I have embarked on a lifestyle change. It started one day when I saw myself full length and naked in the mirror. The shock of who I’d become was horrible. At first I felt immobilized. I couldn’t do anything. I felt sick and depressed. After a few days, I took stock of myself and realized that only one person was responsible for getting me that way and that same person had to be responsible for getting me where I wanted to be. I thought of all the fad diets, the yo-yo diets, etc. I decided that what I needed was a lifestyle change. And that was only the physical part! I still had to address career, relationships (or lack of…) I knew I needed to take better care of myself by: getting my body, home, job and personal relationships in order. How was I going to do this?! By making new friends and participating in activities that make me happy. By choosing healthy eating habits. By exercising and keeping fit. By exploring alternative career options. Though I was very excited and gung ho to get started, I realized that it took me about 20 years to get in this shape, why would I imagine that I could change it back in a day? I thought back to those futile attempts, those “micro bursts” of energy, frantic dieting and exercising that fizzled out before there was any tread on my gym shoes. In this blog, I invite you to join me. I will, in separate entries be writing about the trials and tribulations (and hopefully triumphs!) that I meet as I reinvent myself.

Reinventing Myself

Reinventing Myself Reinventing Reinventing Reinventing

18 thoughts on “About Me Reinventing Myself”

  1. Dear Ms. Randi Benlulu,

    My name is Errol Harvey. I am the founder of “Center of Jamaican Culture & Development gUG”.

    I would like to ask for permission to use the photo (One of the holding areas. hubpages.com) from your website for the “C.o.J.C.&D.” homepage and flyers for events which are in planning.

    I would be very thankful for Your understanding and support.

    Yours sincerely,
    Errol Harvey



  2. Nellieanna! Thank you!I have no idea how I missed this wonderful comment! Thank you so much!I have made headway(and slipped a few times!) I have also learned that it is not always a straight path! It has been a great journey, though! I love reading and learning from you! What an amazing example you are to me!

  3. Go, gal! I know you can – probably already have made vast headway since you first wrote of your intention. One reinvents oneself continuously as life moves along. But at 40, my life took a nose-dive around me, but it was like peeling off the gunk that had held me down and back for so long. These next 42 years have been progressively better in ways that matter and many of the core things you mentioned you would do and have done in your reinvention have served me well, too. There is no way to overemphasize the measures that keep one healthy and fit, physically, mentally and emotionally. So – enjoy the journey. It’s not a destination, but a journey

  4. Thank you, Audrey! It sure helps when I have supporters like you in my corner! Weicome to my site!

  5. Thank you, so much, Susan! I am happy to hve you here!I haven’t spent too much time on here lately, but I am hoping to soon!

  6. I am glad that everything is fine with you :-) Sorry for you daughter but sometimes those special times reinforce the family bounds even more :-) Take good care of yourself!

  7. Joelle! Thank you! You are so sweet. I have, actually, been feeling a lot better. Good thing, too, because my daughter brolke her ankle 2 weeks ago and I have been neck deep between caring for her (complete bedrest) caring for my 6 month old grandson and working fulltime. Thank goodness, my son is still at home! While it has breen a trying year healthwise, we have the miracle of our precious little Jace and everything else just melts away! I cannpt tell you how much I appreciate your checking in. I was going to put a post on Facebook but things have just been so hectic! I did get quite a bit done in the house today. Nothing like caring for a baby to remind us how precious time is! I hope you had a great weekend!:)

  8. Hi Randi! Just dropping a few words to make sure you are fine :-) I remembered that you mentioned health problems at one point. On the other hand you might still be quite busy organizing your new place; it’s always a big job!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  9. Maria.I am so happy to have you here! Please keep me informed of your future sites, as well! And….thank you! I hope you know I think you are pretty amazing, too!

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